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Dallas, Texas

September 2001

Euphoria is a new high energy, cutting edge nightclub and sushi restaurant located in the center of downtown Dallas at 1400 Main Street directly across from the Davis Building and adjacent to the Adolphus Hotel. The Main Street facade of polished white marble is accented with a horizontal bronze bar above the etched ripple patterned stainless's steel triangular awning and redwood doors. Above the entrance way is the lavender back lit sign bearing the name Euphoria. The expansive storefront windows are hung with sheer curtains which are back projected with ever changing scenes. Once inside the que is only separated by the glass wall separating the dance floor and dancers with arriving patrons. Beyond the dance floor is the dual purpose room which is used for a restaurant by day and a night club in the evening. Perimeter walls are clad in marble and or covered with undulating sheer fabric curtains, back lit with ever changing colored lights. The bar is back lit onyx with the lighted back bar display is of cracked and chiseled glass. interspersed with aquariums. The dance floor of marble and dark leather will be fitted with a state of the art sound and laser light system. A dramatic brass and glass sweeping staircase rises above the dance floor to the 2nd floor where veils of sheer curtains offers lounging on low leather coaches and ornate pillows in separated private seating areas. Guests enter the roof top secret garden through a magical archway of lighted fog jets into a Alice in Wonderland World of 20 foot round trees in 6 foot tall ceramic pots and lush cascading flora and fauna surrounded by flickering candle light, soft music, wind chimes and Balinese inspired pavilions filled with soft pallets ornate pillows and sheer curtains billowing in the cool night breeze.Both sides of the walls lining the secret garden are soft water falls adding the sound of falling water to the bewitching ambiance.The center activity in the garden is the circular rock bar which is surrounded by a lighted water trough in which guests can float paper boats perhaps bearing a message to a guest seated further down the bar. The back bar is comprised of a series of glass rocks and chromium rods topped by a triangular white awning. At the outside parapet overlooking main street is a long reflecting pool with floating candles and magnolia flowers bordered by an upholstered bench allowing guests to take off there sandals and dip them in the water.The basement level shower room is reached by the front or back stair and or the elevator. The immense room is actually a unisex bathroom centered around a cocktail bar. With fully private water closets and urinals are interspersed with public stand alone sinks and mirrors. A fog machine emits a light veil of vapor giving the illusion of steam which fills the room with the feeling of being in a public bath house. The bar composed of stainless steel and black leather with chrome horizontal ribbing and glass rod lighted liquor display. Along the back wall is a back lit waterfall. One end of the wall has a fountain composed of a series of large shower heads spouting water and mist.At the other end is the oxygen room which is located in an old walk in bank safe . Here guests can purchase an oxygen mask and inhale pure oxygen with it's restorative effects and lounge in the upholstered quietude and refuge from the intoxicating swirl of music, lights and sound in the nightclub, secret garden and or shower room bar.

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