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Bumbang Alami Resort

Bumbang Bay, Kuta Lombok Island, Indonesia

March 1997

Destined to become one of the most prestigious new resort development destinations in the Nusa Tenggara Islands of Indonesia. The 1st phase of BUMBANG ALAMI RESORT is an approximately 60 hectare Resort Community comprising master planned luxury resort with Mountain Hotel, Mountain Villas, Beach Hotel, Floating Villas, Village Cottages an 18 Hole Golf Course, Spa, Beach Clubhouse and Cabanas with exclusive Retail Boutiques, set amidst the timeless beauty of the Indonesian Archipelago on the southeastern coast of Lombok Island. Situated on the lush rolling hills sloping gently to the crystalline blue Indian Ocean and glittering turquoise lagoon the development is within the declared protected nature preservation area of Bumbang Bay. Lombok the western most island of the Nusa Tenggara Barat is a tropical paradise of forest, mountains, and unspoiled beaches. Blessed with a fabulous climate, warm sunny days and light rainfall, the development's focal point, 2 kilometers of ocean frontage and protected azure lagoons enables guests to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and all manner of water sports while off shore reefs provide divers with spectacular dive sites. Designed around rolling hills, canals lagoons, golf course and lush tropical landscape. BUMBANG ALAMI RESORT is a luxury resort community blending the exotic and distinctive Nusa Tenggara Architecture, culture and life style with the most modern amenities. Although the traquill osais of BUMBANG ALAMI RESORT is a world away from the big city congestion and problems it is easily accessible by a brief 30 minute drive from the recently completed constructed airport at Praya, to the north or about 1 hour drive from the airport of Mataram to the northwest. The neighboring island of Bali is less than an hours flight and the international gateway of Jakarta is only 2 1/2 hours by air. Surabaya, reached in a 1 1/4 hour flight, offers connections to most major cites of the world.