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Lakeside 190 Office Park

Garland, Texas

October 2000

Lakeside 190 located on 46 acres at the intersection of Campbell Road and President George Bush Turnpike 190 is a planned development of six 50,760 S.F. restaurants, 633,600 S.F. of four 6 and 8 story office buildings with two 4 level parking structures and 117,550 S.F. of 1 story office tech buildings. Phase one envisions development of tract 2 restaurant pad site at the corner of Campbell Road and Naaman Forest Blvd into a 15,000 S.F. restaurant and tracts 8,9 and 10 into 117,550 S.F. office tech buildings all set in a natural environment of pastural landscaping and turquoise lakes with water features and fountains