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Hotel Del Rio Grande

Laredo, Texas

November 2005

The Hotel Rio Grande located on the Rio Grande river in Laredo Texas close to bridge number 1. Is rebranded the Palacio Del Rio Grande with a newly painted exterior of striped bands, Moroccan tile roof and entry Porte Coche with cascading lush tropical landscaping and water features and falls. Guests drive up to billowing translucent back lit sheer curtains framing the new painted re plastered columns and stone driveway while a musical water fountain greets guests entry into the new Spanish / Moroccan decorated interior of reception lounge, restaurant, bar and new lagoon pool. Elevators lead down one floor to the new business center and spa while on the 2nd floor is a new reception concierge over looking a terrace for views of the Rio Grande River. The upper floors have 172 hotel rooms with 16 condominiums and 4 penthouse condominiums all offering spectacular views of the Rio Grande River / Mexico and downtown Laredo.